My Priorities & Track Record
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I'm currently serving my second term in office representing Silver Spring & Takoma Park in the Maryland House of Delegates. During the last few years, I've had the honor of co-sponsoring & voting for great bills, including legislation to:

  • Ban Fracking & Increase Renewable Energy
  • Ensure Paid Sick Leave for Workers
  • Lockbox Casino Funds for Education
  • Stabilize Health Care Costs
  • Remove Guns from Abusers & Suicidal or Violent Residents
  • Protect Planned Parenthood Funding
  • Create a $15 Minimum Wage
  • Implement Automatic Voter Registration
  • Advance Police Accountability
  • Ban Styrofoam Products
  • Reduce Incarceration & Decriminalize Marijuana
  • Provide Community College Tuition Assistance
  • Restrict Offshore Drilling Along Maryland's Coast
  • Allow Voter Registration on Election Day
  • Limit Overtesting of Students

MY LEGISLATIVE SUCCESSES: I'm proud to serve on the House Judiciary Committee, where I chair the Criminal Law subcommittee. But I've got a wide variety of legislative interests, and I've served as lead sponsor on dozens of bills. I'm very excited that twenty-nine of my legislative proposals have been passed by the Maryland General Assembly (eighteen of them in my first term). Here are my policy wins:
  • Fight Trump's Efforts to Repeal Obamacare (HJ 9)
  • Ban Bump Stocks & Devices that Circumvent Our Assault Weapons Ban (HB 888)
  • Lower Cost of Building Child Care in Montgomery County (HB 335)
  • Provide Foster Youths with Savings Accounts (HB 524)
  • Allow Expungement of Petty Marijuana Possession (HB 379)
  • Stop Convicted Animal Abusers from Owning Animals (HB 212)
  • Eliminate the Crime of Attempted Suicide (HB 77)
  • Repeal Sodomy Laws Used to Harass LGBT Residents (HB 81)
  • Reduce Property Tax Breaks Given to Country Clubs (2020 BRFA)
  • Enact Special Elections & Vacancy Reforms for US Senate, Attorney General & Comptroller (HB 260)
  • Stop Jailing People for Possessing Suspended Drivers Licenses (HB 76)
  • Resist Government Obstruction to Public Records (HB 383)
  • Protect Services for Foster Youths With Developmental Disabilities (HB 279)
  • Prevent Child Abuse By Parents Whose Parental Rights Were Terminated (HB 454)
  • Decriminalize Petty Gambling Offenses (HB 113)
  • Require Police to Disclose Their Military Equipment (HB 138)
  • Help Homeless Residents Get IDs (HB 280)
  • Mandate Warrants for Police "Stingray" Surveillance (HB 499)
  • Respect Medical Privacy for Transgender Residents (HB 862)
  • Create Standards for Police SWAT Teams (HB 739)
  • Curb Defacto "Debtors Prisons" in Maryland (HB 844)
  • End Counterproductive Penalties on the Poor (HB 1047)
  • Push Courts to Charge Convicted Animal Abusers for Care of the Animals (HB 135)
  • Modernize How Businesses File Tax Returns (HB 648)
  • Expand Jury Duty Eligibility for Ex-Offenders (SB 236) - Crossfiled by Sen. Jill Carter
  • Reduce Immigrant Deportations Over Minor Offenses (HB 891) - VETOED BY GOV. HOGAN
  • Allow Expungement of Some Boating Offenses Like Speeding (HB 259)
  • Clarify Authority for Arson Investigations in Montgomery County (HB 460)
NOTE: For further detail, you can read coverage of my bills [HERE].

MY BROAD PRIORITIES: Here are a few issues areas where I'd like to continue making progress:
  • Tackle Historic Wealth/Income Inequality By Focusing On Middle Class & Low-Income Residents
  • Get Real About Climate Change & Stop Dirty Energy Subsidies
  • Ensure Access To Affordable Child Care
  • Grow Our School Budget & Make College Affordable
  • Protect Civil Rights & Our Immigrant Population
  • Achieve Universal, Affordable Health Coverage in Maryland
  • Implement Common-Sense Gun Safety Measures
  • Defend Reproductive Rights
  • Improve WMATA Metro & Expand Walking, Biking & Transit
  • Promote Housing Affordability & Renters' Protections
  • Reduce Incarceration & The Failed Drug War in Maryland
  • Reduce Special Interest Influence On Policy

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