My Priorities & Track Record

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In my first four-year term representing Silver Spring & Takoma Park in the Maryland House, I've had the honor of co-sponsoring & voting for great bills, including legislation to:
  • Ban Fracking & Increase Renewable Energy
  • Ensure Paid Sick Leave for Workers
  • Lockbox Casino Funds for Education
  • Stabilize Health Care Costs
  • Remove Guns from Domestic Abusers & Suicidal or Violent Residents
  • Protect Planned Parenthood Funding
  • Implement Automatic Voter Registration
  • Advance Police Accountability
  • Reduce Incarceration & Decriminalize Marijuana
  • Provide Community College Tuition Assistance
  • Restrict Offshore Drilling Along Maryland's Coast
  • Allow Voter Registration on Election Day
  • Limit Overtesting of Students

MY LEGISLATIVE SUCCESSES: I'm proud to be a member of the House Judiciary Committee, where I serve as Chair of the Juvenile Law subcommittee. But I've got a wide variety of legislative interests, and I've served as lead sponsor on dozens of bills. I'm very excited to have passed eighteen laws in my first term. Here are my legislative wins:
  • Fight Trump's Efforts to Repeal Obamacare (HJ 9)

  • Ban Bump Stocks & Devices that Circumvent Our Assault Weapons Ban (HB 888)

  • Lower Cost of Building Child Care in Montgomery County (HB 335)

  • Protect Services for Foster Youths With Developmental Disabilities (HB 279)

  • Expunge Minor Marijuana Convictions (HB 379)

  • Stop Convicted Animal Abusers from Owning Animals (HB 212)

  • Prevent Child Abuse By Parents Whose Parental Rights Were Terminated (HB 454)

  • Reduce Immigrant Deportations Over Minor Offenses (HB 891) - VETOED BY GOV. HOGAN

  • Provide Foster Youths With Savings Accounts (HB 524)

  • Create Standards for Police SWAT Teams (HB 739)

  • Curb Defacto "Debtors Prisons" in Maryland (HB 844)

  • Ensure Public Access to Government Records (HB 383)

  • End Counterproductive Penalties on the Poor (HB 1047)

  • Let Voters (Not Politicians) Choose Their Elected Officials (HB 260)

  • Help Homeless Residents Get ID's (HB 280)

  • Modernize How Businesses File Tax Returns (HB 648)

  • Protect Medical Privacy for Transgender Residents (HB 862)

  • Facilitate Arson Investigations in Montgomery County (HB 460)

MY BROAD PRIORITIES: Here are a few issues areas where I'd like to make some progress in the future:
  • Tackle Historic Wealth/Income Inequality By Focusing On Middle Class & Low-Income Residents

  • Get Real About Climate Change & Stop Dirty Energy Subsidies

  • Ensure Access To Affordable Child Care

  • Defend Reproductive Rights

  • Grow Our School Budget & Make College Affordable

  • Protect Civil Rights & Our Immigrant Population

  • Achieve Universal, Affordable Health Coverage in Maryland

  • Expand Common-Sense Gun Safety Regulations

  • Improve WMATA Metro & Expand Walking, Biking & Transit

  • Promote Housing Affordability & Renters' Protections

  • End Mass Incarceration & The Failed Drug War in Maryland

  • Reduce Special Interest Influence On Policy

  • Advance Living Wage Legislation

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