My Priorities & Track Record
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I'm currently serving my third term in office representing Greater Silver Spring & Takoma Park in the Maryland House of Delegates. The past few years, I've had the honor of co-sponsoring & voting for numerous bills to advance justice, including impactful bills to:

  • Provide Paid Family Leave, Sick Days & $15 Minimum Wage
  • Protect Reproductive Choice & Expand Access to Services
  • Strengthen Maryland's Assault Weapons Ban, End Sales of Untraceable Guns & Remove Firearms from Residents at Risk of Suicide or Violence
  • Restrain Health Costs & Expand Care for Underinsured Residents
  • Distribute Millions in Aid & Protect Renters During COVID-19
  • Ban Fracking, Curb Carbon Emissions & Promote Clean Energy
  • Shore Up Our Child Care, School & Health Care Workforces
  • Reduce Incarceration, Legalize Marijuana & Expand Expungements
  • Lockbox Casino Funds for Education & Expand Pre-K
  • Advance Alternatives to Police Violence & Promote Accountability
  • Implement Election Day & Automatic Voter Registration
  • Ban Toxic Pesticides & Styrofoam Products
  • Provide Community College Tuition Assistance

MY LEGISLATIVE SUCCESSES: I'm proud to serve as Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, where I also chair the Criminal Law Subcommittee. But I've got a wide variety of legislative interests, and I've served as lead sponsor on dozens of bills. I'm very excited that dozens of my legislative proposals have been passed by the Maryland General Assembly, thus far. Here are my policy wins:
  • Fight Trump's Efforts to Repeal Obamacare in Maryland (HJ 9)
  • Ban Bump Stocks & Tools To Mimic Assault Weapons (HB 888)
  • Rebuild Maryland Mental Health & Drug Treatment Services (HB 1148)
  • Substantially Fairer Compensation for Those Harmed by Police (HB 721 added to HB 670)
  • Stop Landlords From Seizing Homes of Small Business Owners for Late Rent During COVID-19 (HB 719) - VETOED BY GOV. HOGAN BUT WE WERE ABLE TO OVERRIDE THE VETO

  • Allow Expungement of Petty Marijuana Possession & Automatic Shielding on Case Search (HB 379 & HB 83)
  • Stop Convicted Animal Abusers from Owning Animals (HB 212)
  • Eliminate the Crime of Attempted Suicide (HB 77)
  • Repeal Sodomy & Perversion Laws Used to Harass LGBT Residents (HB 81 & HB 131)
  • Rein In Property Tax Breaks Given to Country Clubs (2020 BRFA)
  • Enact Special Elections & Vacancy Reforms for US Senate, Attorney General & Comptroller (HB 260)
  • Stop Jailing for Suspended Drivers Licenses (HB 76 & HB 115)
  • Resist Government Obstruction to Public Records (HB 383)
  • Expanding Our Childcare Workforce (HB 136 adopted voluntarily without a bill)
  • Stop Separating Families Over Minor Crimes (HB 193)
  • Ensure Automatic Expungement of Non-Convictions (HB 189)
  • Double Jury Duty Pay from $15 to $30/day (HB 208)
  • Stop Arresting Residents for Debts Under $5000 (HB 349 & HB 127)
  • Use Data to Improve Safety at School Bus Stops (HB 813)
  • Ban Sexism & Racism In Compensation for Injuries (HB 244)
  • Fund Animal Shelters During Cruelty & Hoarding Cases (HB 1062)
  • Decriminalize Minor Drivers License Offenses (HB 206)
  • Monitor School Discipline & Provide Kids Right to An Attorney (HB 146)
  • Provide Foster Youths Savings Accounts & Protect Services for Foster Youths w/ Developmental Disabilities (HB 524 & HB 279)
  • Lower Cost of Building Child Care in Montgomery County (HB 335)
  • Warn MoCo Homebuyers About School Boundaries (HB 541)
  • Require Bodycams to Save More Footage Leading Up to Incidents (HB 727 added to SB 178)
  • Speed Limit Options for Montgomery County & Cities (HB 562)
  • Prevent Child Abuse By Parents With Terminated Rights (HB 454)
  • Decriminalize Petty Gambling Offenses (HB 113)
  • Require Police to Disclose Their Military Equipment (HB 138)
  • Help Homeless Residents Get IDs (HB 280)
  • Push Counties to Stop Charging Pretrial Fees (HB 126)
  • Syringe Exchange Harm Reduction - w/ Sen. Jill Carter's SB 420 - VETOED BY GOV. HOGAN

  • Mandate Warrants for Police "Stingray" Surveillance (HB 499)
  • Respect Medical Privacy for Transgender Residents (HB 862)
  • Create Standards for Police SWAT Teams (HB 739)
  • Curb Defacto "Debtors Prisons" in Maryland (HB 844)
  • End Counterproductive Penalties on the Poor (HB 1047)
  • Push Courts to Charge Animal Abusers for Cost of Care (HB 135)
  • Modernize How Businesses File Tax Returns (HB 648)
  • Expand Jury Duty for Ex-Offenders - w/ Sen. Jill Carter's SB 236
  • Reduce Immigrant Deportations Over Minor Offenses (HB 891) - VETOED BY GOV. HOGAN  

  • Allow Expungement of Minor Boating Offenses (HB 259)
  • Clarify Montgomery County Arson Investigation Process (HB 460)
NOTE: For further detail, you can read coverage of my bills [HERE].

MY BROAD PRIORITIES: Here are a few issues areas where I'd like to continue making progress:
  • Tackle Historic Economic Inequality & Build a Fairer Tax Code
  • Boost Clean Energy Production Within Maryland & End Subsidies for Unsustainable Choices
  • Ensure Access To Affordable, Quality, Nearby Child Care

  • Promote Housing Affordability & Renters' Protections
  • Reduce Student-Teacher Ratios & Make College Affordable
  • Achieve Universal, Affordable Health Care (Including Dental, Vision, Mental Health & Drugs)
  • Expand Metro/RideOn/MARC Service & Walking/Biking Options
  • Defend Reproductive Rights & Access to Local Services
  • Rein In Mass Incarceration & The Failed "Drug War" in Maryland

  • Reduce Special Interest Influence On Policy

  • Implement Common-Sense Gun Safety Measures

  • Protect Civil Rights & Our Immigrant Population

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